Action Learning / The good and the bad.



Author (s) Nia Griffin, Cathy Taylor


Student expectation is rising with regard to the quality and support provided by their institution. A move away from conventional lecturing encouraging more applied methods and small group teaching may be a way of improving teaching excellence. This considered, the need to explore interactivity in the classroom is evident, as this encourages deeper approaches to learning and provides the students with different teaching strategies. In order to address this, the community team, striving for excellence, drive a module through action learning whilst supporting and developing students, offering an experiential and emancipatory learning environment. It is anticipated that this will contribute to the preparation of student employed within the healthcare system. The aim of our presentation is to share our experiences, to briefly explain the process, discuss how we apply the principles to meet students’ needs, to share the evaluations from the learner and teacher perspective and influenced the teaching.


The poster session will illustrate how and why action learning is delivered, how this supports students, provide an evaluation from the perspective of both students and lecturers and determine whether it has improved the quality of the teaching as we strive for excellence The team have explored and implemented different teaching and learning strategies in order to strive for excellence. The introduction of action learning to community programmes has embedded the need to develop and consider differing teaching strategies in order to strive for teaching excellence and utilise methods that can be applied to different subject areas. These sessions are evaluated regularly and both lecturer and student evaluations will be shared and the development and way forward in relation to action learning, will be outlined.

Key Words

Support, strategies, improved outcomes, development,


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