Developing a formative assessment strategy for a practical study skills workshop



Author(s) Frances Thornton


This poster outlines the development of a formative assessment strategy to develop skills and enhance autonomous learning, using a three-step approach to learning through assessment and feedback adapted from a revised edition of Blooms Taxonomy (Anderson et al., 2001). 1. Remember: A group based icebreaker task, employed to gauge prior knowledge at the start of the session. 2. Understand: The taught component of the session incorporates concept-checking questions, to continually assess the students’ level of understanding and engagement. 3. Apply: Learning consolidated through undertaking a practical task, allowing the students to develop creative skills, whilst assessing their application of knowledge.


This poster presentation was created initially as an assessed component of the Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education. I feel it addresses the theme of this year’s conference ‘Reaching for Teaching Excellence’. The poster explores an approach to creatively using assessment and feedback as a tool for learning, to develop key skills that will enable students to become better autonomous learners. The sessions I teach are optional study skills workshops available to all students, supplementary to their degree qualifications, and therefore do not hold any formal constraints for assessment. This has left me free to take a purely formative approach to assessment and feedback, rather than the requirement for gaining academic credits driving the assessment needs. As well as being present to answer any questions about my poster, I will have my lesson plan, PowerPoint slides, a handout and a copy of the formative feedback form available for the workshop on which the poster is based.


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