Lights, Camera, Action! – Video Content in Teaching and Learning.



Author (s) Jessica Fletcher, Lisa Wallace


YouTube/video content has the potential to be a powerful tool for teaching and learning in medicine and healthcare programmes. This video sharing platform has been used in the higher education environment in numerous approaches; existing content has been used to stimulate student discussion, share information, and create a learning community; instructor-generated content has been used in blended learning approaches (i.e. flipped classrooms) and MOOC; less commonly, learner-generated content has been used as a form of assessment. This poster will explore one lecturer’s adventures with creating videos for YouTube, proposals for how this will be integrated into teaching and learning practice, with regards to both instructor- and learner-generated content, and engagement with the wider community, with discussion of the pro’s, pitfalls, and challenges.


This poster will: • Introduce / expand delegates consideration of how YouTube/video content can be used as a teaching and learning tool, both in the immediate classroom, outside of the classroom, and in the wider (worldwide!) community. • Discuss practical techniques, tips, and considerations for delegates wishing to make their own YouTube videos. • Provide an example of how instructor-generated content will be used in medical science teaching for a flipped classroom approach to practical sessions. • Provide an example of how learner-generated content will be used in medical science teaching to enhance variety of student assessment and improve student communication skills & digital literacy. • Highlight the considerations when assigning learner-generated content as assessment. • Highlight possibilities for utilising YouTube to aid in widening access, student recruitment, and research dissemination.

Key Words

Interactive Learning Environment, Medical Education, Science Communication, Web 2.0, Digital Literacy

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