The student becomes the teacher: Employability comes full-circle


Author (s) Denise Thyer, Jodie Croxall


Swansea University is leading the way for Employability being Welsh University of the Year 2017 (The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2017) and being in the UK Top 15 for Graduate Employment (Guardian University League Table 2017).One driver for this success has been the opportunities made available for students through WOW, SPIN and the SEA Award. This collaborative poster will draw on my own employability experience from student to tutor and that of my mentor. In demonstrating the full circle of employability, it will promote awareness of potential employability opportunities and share practice and learning; offering practical advice surrounding embedding the SEA Award in their curriculum and teaching and demonstrate how student centred collaborative andragogy has allowed me and my mentor to learn from each other me as a student/tutor and my mentor as my past lecturer and now mentor, but most importantly it demonstrates how a collaborative framework can lead to success.


This poster will demonstrate how a collaborative framework for success can be created through student centred approaches. Following the full circle of a student come tutor and lecture come mentor, the poster will showcase the first-hand viewpoints, experiences and contributions of academics and students through the employability journey. It demonstrates how a student focused collaborative framework has created a model where employability knowledge, skills and experiences have been constructed as a key learning theme and outcome within the higher educational experiences of those students on these programmes as well as the mind-set and practice of all staff involved. It demonstrates a two way learning process where past present and future experiences of students and academics have helped each other learn The poster will be supported both qualitatively through personal experience of the employability team and quantitatively using data from both entry and exit surveys completed by students, demonstrating the impact of the experience on students’ employability and career planning. Poster Objectives: • To promote awareness of potential employability opportunities to enhance the student experience • To share good practice and learning; offering advice to enable others to adopt student focus approaches to employability modules • Consider the pros and cons of the approach and the logistics needed to replicate the SEA journey to various disciplines across Colleges • Detail how progression in employability and learning look from a student, staff and employers perspective

Key Words

Employability, Collaborative Framework , Student Focused, Opportunities, Learning Process.

Key Messages

Collaborative framework for success Two way learning process Student to teacher Employability comes full circle

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