Audio feedback with TurnItIn


Author(s) Dr Vivienne Rogers


Online marking has become standard at Swansea University. This has placed a considerable burden on staff; some of whom find typing slow and time-consuming and this is set to increase as the university expands. While we can look to adapting the coursework we set, feedback remains a persistent issue both in terms of NSS scores and staff workload. This talk will present some pilot data using the audio record function in TurnItIn and dictation software to speed up marking whilst giving useful, detailed feedback to students. Questionnaire results from students will also be presented. These results have been overwhelmingly positive. Some limitations of the software options will be discussed.


Reasons for using audio feedback and dictation software. Demo of how to use it, questionnaire results from students and limitations of software. Why this is interesting: We all have lots of marking to do within tight deadlines and this is only set to increase as the university increases its numbers. We need to balance excellence in feedback and student satisfaction with staff workload and stress. How delegates could implement: The option is available to everyone using TurnItIn although people would need a microphone – the inbuilt ones that many use for skype are sufficient.

Key Words

Feedback, audio/dictation, efficiency, excellence

Key Messages

Giving audio feedback is beneficial and quick to do. Students really like it. Dictation options allow for disability access and non-native speaker support.




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