Flipped, Authentic and Quick Marked Labs



Author(s) Paul Holland, Rhian Kerton


Students in the College of Engineering spend more then a third of their contact hours in laboratories. Often practical laboratory sessions are only seen as a way of re-enforcing material delivered in lectures. However, careful design of laboratories using a variety of pedagogical approaches develop and enhance students’ practical, design and communication skills in a way that is not possible in other delivery formats. This session will report on how a new laboratory based module for medical engineers – ‘Biomedical Instrumentation’, was designed from scratch following attendance at a HEA event – ‘STEM pedagogies: Best practice considerations’ at Southampton University in July 2016. It has included flipped blended learning, authentic assessment, problem based learning and the trial use of the Turnitin ipad app for busy academics on the move. The instructors view of how the labs went in TB2 2017 will be compared to that of the students and used to improve the labs for 2018.


This session will be presented in two halves. Paul Holland will first discuss the background to why he wanted to take on a laboratory based module; his observations on the weaknesses of some laboratory sessions he has observed in the last ten years he has been teaching; what is different about the new module and how attendance at the HEA STEM workshop influenced him. Then Rhian Kerton will discuss the student view on the module; did they enjoy it; what worked and what could be improved.

Key Words

Flipped, Authentic, Laboratory, Turnitin, Problem Based Learning

Key Messages

That it is ok to go for it, understanding / sharing best practice helps, go outside the University sometimes to get different perspectives;


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