Flipping the classroom for adult nursing students: a case study



Author(s) Gabby Rowley-Conwy


The aim of this project was to explore the use of the flipped classroom for second year undergraduate adult nursing students. The flipped classroom promotes active learning, student engagement and student achievement. During the project, four theory lectures on assessment skills were replaced by interactive ‘Learning Packs’ using an online platform, which contained written information and video and audio files to work through, covering the same content as the traditional lectures. The students were then expected to complete a workbook to bring to the practical sessions, where they applied the information to skills stations and scenarios. Student feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The flexibility of the Learning Packs and the ability to work at one’s own pace were valued by the students. Lecturer feedback from the practical sessions showed that students were adequately prepared and had a good level of theoretical knowledge after completion of the Learning Packs.


This 15 minute presentation will describe the findings from this project, where the flipped classroom was trialled to deliver the theoretical aspects of a systematic ABCDE (airway, breathing, circulation, disability and exposure) assessment for second year student nurses. Use of non-traditional and interactive teaching methods to increase engagement and active learning helps to promote teaching excellence. An example of the interactive Learning Pack will be shown to delegates. The rationale for using the flipped classroom will be discussed with reference to relevant literature, followed by a description of the project. The presentation will then summarise the quantitative and qualitative feedback from students, as well as feedback from the lecturers who facilitated the practical sessions. Other elements such as timetabling and use of the practice suites will be explored, as well as the challenges found in using this approach. Practical strategies will be suggested for delegates who may wish to implement a similar approach in their teaching. The presentation will be of interest to delegates involved in teaching at any level, particularly those hoping to increase engagement and promote independent learning.

Key Words

Flipped classroom, technology, interactive, active learning

Key Messages

Delegates will be shown practical strategies to implement the flipped classroom, as well as a summary of the challenges and benefits of this approach.

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