Future proofing students for technological changes in the professional world.



Author(s) Terry Filer


Future proofing students for technological changes in the professional world. This presentation considers how students can gain employability skills through role play to a professional audience. The accounting profession is an area experiencing significant automation of processes, allowing clients to complete more of the general transaction work themselves hence relying less on professional accounting support. To ensure Swansea University accounting and finance students embrace this change, part of a level 5 financial accounting module assessment has been tailored to emphasise developing students internal personal skills so they can be better prepared for client facing roles. Students were asked to prepare a poster on a financial accounting topic and present this via a video presentation to a panel of experts consisting of Swansea University academic staff and external professional accounting firm(s).


Background and how the proposed session links to the conference theme The vast majority of students study at University to help them gain a good education and gain access to better job opportunities when they graduate. However, this is just the start of their professional career as the next stage of gaining employment can be daunting to students due to the lengthy recruitment process and increased competition for the best graduate job opportunities. With this in mind teaching students topics within subjects only will not prepare them for employment after graduation. Innovative teaching can encompass a topic in a real world situation. When using role play students are provided with a safe environment to develop their interpersonal skills that could enable them to stand out from other candidates for a job. Delegates will be interested in this topic to provide variety in assessment methods, encompassing technology, enhance engagement opportunities with employers and to enhance student employability opportunities. Details of session format • Background as to why a video presentation was chosen as an appropriate assessment method for the module. • Audience to work in small groups and record themselves on one device e.g. mobile phone, iPad etc. and send their group video on a subject of their choice to a central location (to be advised on the day). Each video to be a maximum of five minutes duration. • A separate panel could decide a winner at the end of conference or this section could be ignored. • One of the best student group videos to be shown to the audience to demonstrate how the students embraced the video assessment. • A sum up of the success and areas that could be improved for future video presentations and some comments from students and the local employer involved on the panel. • Q&A

Key Words

Video presentations, employability, role play

Key Messages

To embrace technology in teaching for innovation, student engagement and to improve student employability skills.


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