OneNote Class Notebook – Your New VLE?


Author(s) Chris Jobling


OneNote ClassNotebook is available to all staff and students at Swansea and it deserves to be more well known. I have used it now for two academic sessions for content delivery, as an in-class whiteboard replacement and as a student portfolio system. It has potential for group work, collaborative curation and document preparation. In this lightning talk I will give a brief guided tour of my classroom notebook for EG-247 Signals and Systems to illustrate the potential of the OneNote Classroom Notebook to supplement or even replace your modules’ VLE.


Blackboard is primarily a content delivery system and a poor one at that. OneNote class notebook is a reasonably capable content delivery system that provides ownership, annotation and remixing of content by students, is more convenient for creation and curation of content by staff and students and provides additional collaborative tools that can enliven and add value to classroom time. In a brief presentation there will be little opportunity to do more than demonstrate what I have done with OneNote Class Notebook with a tour of a class notebook that I have created for my students. But it will be sufficient to provide an opportunity for colleagues to judge if it is something they could use in their own classes.

Join the Class Notebook using the following link

Key Words

Exploiting Office 365

Key Messages

You are not stuck with Blackboard.

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