Start where you are, use what you can: An online professional portfolio in the Spanish class


Author(s) Tanya May, James Turner – Student – Victoria Clark – Student


The aim of this session is to demonstrate how we can use readily available technology to consolidate transferable skills, developing employability while teaching specific language. One of the objectives was to provide the opportunity for weekly reflection using online portfolios which were set as part of the assessment. The module helped to building confidence and also provided an opportunity for exploring new faces of a well-known software.


This session will aim at presenting the use of google sites for building an online professional portfolio for both language learning and employability purposes. A short introduction, will then be followed by examples of good practice, reflected in the end product the students designed. It will also cover the challenges it presented to the students and how these challenges were dealt with. The professional career portfolio was done a new module called Professional Career Portfolio in the Spanish Language class.

Key Words

Language learning, Employability, Transferable skills, Online Portfolio

Key Messages

Use of the readily software available for teaching parting from student’s previous knowledge/experience.

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