The Revision Zone – efficient and effective learning for assessment


Author(s) Sue (Pamela) Evans


The aim of the session is to explore efficient and effective revision techniques for undergraduate students preparing for exams. The objectives of the session include: • identifying the difficulties students face in transitioning from rote learning to applied learning for professional standard exams • how to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of revision. • assessment of the impact on module results, module feedback, student engagement and experience • facilitating students to develop their own ‘revision zones’ and share ideas with peers


The proposal links to the overall theme of the conference, ‘effective practice in learning, teaching and assessment’. The session will start with a PowerPoint presenting the rationale for the study and progress to statistical findings before and after the Revision Zone implementation; how lecturers can enable effective and efficient revision for exams; how revision starts on day 1 of a module, how students can contribute to the revision zone. Delegates will be required to take part in some of the techniques e.g. QR codes, online app (internet permitting). Delegates will be interested in improving module results and module feedback, implementing change from rote to applied learning and reducing exam stress for students. Delegates will be able to take away ideas which they could implement fully or gradually introduce into modules. The session demonstrates an innovative approach as it brings best practice in revision techniques into one ‘zone’ where students can ‘pick and mix’ what works for them and they are also able to contribute to the revision zone.

Key Words

revision, applied learning, mind maps, efficiency, effectiveness

Key Messages

Although the study is based on accounting and finance undergraduates who will be progressing to external professional exams after graduation, the techniques and processes can be incorporated into any discipline. Enabling students to engage in efficient revision methods will reduce stress and anxiety through the learning and assessment process.

EVANS The Revision Zone


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