The ‘Snackification’ of learning…


Author (s) Rhian Meara


You may have heard the term “gamification of learning” – the method of teaching via digital environments such video games and / or through elements of play to engage and motivate learners. But have you heard the term “snackification of learning”? Probably not, as I’m quite sure I just made it up… The “snackification of learning” is the method of teaching, engaging and motivating learners via food-based snacks such as cakes, sweets and chocolate. Snacks are not only tasty, but can also be used in geosciences learning to help students develop their conceptual and 3D thinking skills. For example, snacks can be used to understand magma fractionation, geological maps and structures and to recognize and describe different rock types.


Lightning talk: The session will include a short overview of how snacks can be used in the geosciences to engage and motivate students. Particular focus will be on using food to develop rock description skills, and to develop 3D thinking of structural geology through cake. Audience members will then participate in an experiment on fractional crystallisation of magma using M&Ms.

Key Words

Geoscience, education, learning, engagement, snacks.

Key Messages

– Put yourself in the student’s mind set. – Be open to trying new things. – Learn from your colleagues. – Learning is hungry work.


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