Using Wix to create Group Websites for Business Spanish



Author(s) Patricia Emma Helena Rodriguez-Martinez


The aims and objectives of the session are to introduce colleagues to Wix, a Free Google Website Creator, as an innovative tool to set up Group Projects. Real examples will be used to showcase Final Year Spanish for Professional Purposes students’ work. A group of students will talk about their experience of carrying out their Group Project too.


The lecturer will make a general presentation, showing how to use Wix to set up Group Projects, followed by showcasing real examples of Wix Websites made by students; then, a small group of students will talk about their experience of carrying out their Project, followed by a Q &A session. I believe that the session links to the Conference’s overall theme “Reaching for Teaching Excellence” because this Group Project idea has had lasting effects on the students in terms of getting them to mature through teamwork, research, responsibility whilst having fun. Delegates will easily be able to implement this initiative in their own practice, as it is applicable to any discipline. It is innovative as a means of engaging students in a Group Project that they will be able to showcase in job interviews and include a link on their CVs too; therefore, it is also linked to employability given the number of transferable skills learnt by the students: setting up a website, problem-solving, teamwork, writing and speaking skills etc.

Key Words

Website , Group Project , Transferable Skills

Key Messages

At the end of the session, delegates would have learnt how to set up Group Projects using the Wix Website Creator Tool; they will learn about its advantages and possible pitfalls to avoid; they will also be able to appreciate its potential re. transferable skills and employability.

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