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Can incorporating factors that influence career choices into the undergraduate curriculum ensure that the University is producing graduates that are better matched to their chosen vocation?

PRESENTATION Author(s) Caryl Richards, Marianne Broderick ( Student Contribution) Abstract Specialty selection by trainee doctors leaves some specialties oversubscribed while others have difficulty recruiting. Although vocational training forms part of the medical school teaching, it does not address all the factors that influence specialty selection. 72 Careers Evening attendees (59 medical students, 13 doctors; 67%…

The use of remote labs to contextualize learning and teaching in engineering mathematics

PRESENTATION Author(s) Marcelo Zannin, Natércia Lima, Arcelina Marques, Ricardo Costa, Gustavo Alves, Karin Ennser, Juarez B. da Silva, Ingvar Gustavsson. Abstract Interdisciplinary education is an important aspect of critical thinking development in engineering students, as they prepare for their careers. This study reports the didactic experiences of the integration of remote experiment, simulations and calculations for learning…

Critical Skills in the Humanities

PRESENTATION Author(s) Mario von der Ruhr Abstract The presentation has two aims, viz., (i) to share with participants the results of recently conducted (formative) in-class exercises testing humanities’ undergraduates’ knowledge of English composition, citation conventions, and critical reasoning skills, and (ii) to stimulate reflection on how the students’ competence in these basic skills might be enhanced…