Call for Proposals

 Annual Learning and Teaching Conference

5 July 2017

Swansea Academy of Learning and Teaching invites proposals for conference sessions to showcase good and effective practice in learning, teaching and assessment across the University under the conference theme of ‘Reaching for Teaching Excellence’

Submit your Proposal Here 

The conference offers an opportunity for colleagues to come together as a community to share good practice and ideas.  Whether you have an example from a pedagogic research project, feedback from a new teaching intervention or an innovation in learning and teaching which you feel could benefit other staff and students across the institution, please consider sharing these.

The deadline for submission of proposals is the 13th April 2017
has now been extended to midnight on the 18th April 2017.

We are inviting proposals for lightning talks, presentations, posters and workshops. Your proposal needs to show clearly how your session will address the conference theme of ‘Reaching for Teaching Excellence’.  Please keep in mind that the proposal you submit now will, if accepted, be used for inclusion in the conference programme and is the primary way that participants will choose which sessions to attend.

Session and Session Formats

You can submit proposals using the online form for one of the following session types:

Lightning Talks – 5 Minutes
Presentation – 20 Minutes
Poster – PDF & Paper
Workshop – 60 Minutes (NB Workshops must be of an interactive, innovative and creative format eg Hacking, Making, Sharing, gaming etc ). 

All formats require an abstract submission of 150 words and a Session Outline which will vary in length. (See submission guidelines below for details of word counts )

There may also be the possibility of accommodating an alternative format. Please contact Debbie Baff ( to discuss your idea.

Submission Guidelines


Maximum 150  words for all abstracts.

Your abstract should set out the aims and objectives of the session and will be used for publication in the online conference programme.


Lightning Talks (250 Maximum Words)

Presentations (500 Maximum Words)

Posters (250 Maximum Words)

Workshops (500 Maximum Words)

You should specify details of your session including how it will be run, how you will engage participants, and how the proposal links to the overall theme of the conference. You should also include information on why delegates will be interested in your session. How delegates may be able to implement the findings / initiative in their own practice? How does your session demonstrate an innovative approach etc.? This information will be used to select and programme conference sessions.


Please provide up to five keywords, separated by commas, which help to define the session content for use on the conference website and in the programme. (This is not included in the word count).

Key messages

Please indicate between three and five key messages that delegates will take from your session (this is not included in the word count).

Proposal Submission

Please submit your proposal online

Link to Online Proposal Form

Proposal Criteria

All proposals should clearly address the main conference theme. Proposals will be selected against the following criteria and there will be particular emphasis on how innovative and interactive your session will be:

  1. Do the title and abstract clearly describe the session?
  2. Is this session clearly aligned with the conference theme?
  3. Is the proposed session timely and appropriate?
  4. Is the session innovative / designed to be interactive and is it clear how this will engage the audience?
  5. What are the session outcomes? Are they appropriate for the conference?
  6. Will this session positively contribute to the conference and to learning and teaching at the University?
  7. Are the format and session type selected the most appropriate to the topic and format of the presentation?
  8. Does the proposal share research data or learning, teaching and assessment practice during the session?
  9. Does this proposal include all 5 of the following elements: innovation, replicability, impact, evidence and scope?


The call for proposals is open to all Swansea University staff including those working in all areas of Learning and Teaching support.

 Call for Proposals Available as PDF Documentation below